Interview Flora Samuel

Flora Samuel is Professor at the University of Reading and was the first female Head of Sheffield University School of Architecture. The author of Why Architects Matter (2018), she has been awarded […]

Interview Sarah Wigglesworth

Sarah Wigglesworth is an architect with over 30 years experience in practice. She is acknowledged as a pioneering influence in British architecture. She has extensive expertise in green and sustainable design. Her work is characterised by careful theorising of […]

Interview Ruth Morrow

Ruth Morrow is known for her contribution to architectural education and research, across the UK, Ireland and internationally, through her teaching, writing and projects. Her research covers […]

Article. Emma Cheatle and Catalina Mejía Moreno, in Harvard Design Magazine, 46, 2018. ‘To Manifest’ is product of the intersection with a collaborative, Feminist Art and Architecture Collaborative (FAAC), and later published as ‘To Manifest’ […]

Alice Grant, Essay, 2019. Architecture is often seen to be a white man’s profession; this creates homogeneous architecture and cities which do not respond to the needs of a diverse society (Murray 2018). This paper, recognising […]

Interview Prue Chiles

Prue Chiles continues to combine teaching, with architectural practice and research. In all her work she tries to use the skills and diversity of the design process to work with people and communities creatively and collaboratively, whether in community-led projects, research council funded research or in practice.

Interview Kim Trogal

Kim Trogal is a Reader at the Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts. She undertook her architectural studies at Sheffield School of Architecture […]

Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu, in Learn to Act: Introducing The Eco Nomadic School, ed. by K. Böhm, T. James and D. Petrescu, 2017. Our neoliberal capitalist times are marked by a crisis of reproduction not only of production, as the very basis on which things and life are produced is now under threat. Many citizens like us would like to become active […]

Studio Invisible Cities creates a positive and collaborative space to support the development of projects that challenge the damaging stereotypes and power dynamics that programme our cities and frame our lives. Using feminist approaches […]

Interview Julia Udall

Julia Udall is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Sheffield Hallam University. She undertook a Master in Architecture, a PhD and postdoctoral studies at Sheffield School of Architecture […]