Helen Stratford, PhD Thesis, 2021. Architecture requires movement and interaction with the body to be understood. 1 In this tacit inter-relationship, buildings and public space are better understood as ‘performative conditions’ – “acting on us and activated by us.” 2 In visual, live-art and performance practices […]

Cathryn Klasto, PhD Thesis, 2020. This transdisciplinary thesis occupies the in-between space of architecture and art and takes the cultural, social, spatial and urban existences of Tōkyō’s kyōshō jūtaku (small house) as a focus point.

Rachel Sara, PhD Thesis, 2004. This thesis traces a history of the design studio, provides a description and
critique of the current normative model, and summarises the criticisms of the current system, followed by ways in which architectural educators are addressing these criticisms. Both the studio and live projects are then […]

Kim Trogal, PhD Thesis, 2012. This PhD brings feminist ethics of care and feminist methodologies to bear on an examination of agency in contemporary practice. In following feminist theorists to define care as […]

Kemba Beth Mitchell, Special Study Dissertation, 2020. Based on a review of key literature and two case studies, Cooking Up a Storm explores in detail the relationship between age, disability and gender and the impact these factors have on how kitchens are used and perceived.

Rachael Cowan, Special Study Dissertation, 2019. In 1792 the early English feminist philosopher, Mary Wollstonecraft, called for dissent from hegemonic, patriarchal ‘false systems of education’ dominated by male scholars with the objective of educating the male gender in their own history; while […]