Book, ed. Emma Cheatle (UK); chief editors L. Brown and K. Burns (Bloomsbury, 2022). The Bloomsbury Global Encyclopaedia of Women in Architecture will fill a void in architectural history, giving students, scholars and professional architects an authoritative reference to women architects and their work, and to key terms for gender and feminism in architecture.

Nishat Awan, DipArch Dissertation, 2003. The dissertation seeks to address the relationship between ‘architecture’ and ‘race’ and is based in my personal experience as a Pakistani who moved to UK at an early age. Here I address issues concerning ‘diasporas’ […]

Mia Owen, MArch Design Project, 2020. “House of Realness” is a project that explores how the identity of communities could be reflected through architecture and the urban environment. Specifically, the project focuses on the LGBTQ+ community in Sheffield.

Kemba Beth Mitchell, Special Study Dissertation, 2020. Based on a review of key literature and two case studies, Cooking Up a Storm explores in detail the relationship between age, disability and gender and the impact these factors have on how kitchens are used and perceived.

Rachael Cowan, Special Study Dissertation, 2019. In 1792 the early English feminist philosopher, Mary Wollstonecraft, called for dissent from hegemonic, patriarchal ‘false systems of education’ dominated by male scholars with the objective of educating the male gender in their own history; while […]