Welcome to the Sheffield School of Architecture Feminist Library. The SSoA Feminist Library aims to consolidate the feminist work that has been conducted over the last twenty years in the Sheffield School of Architecture, to make visible the work of students and staff to a wider community, and contribute to its future development. The library includes an archive, in which previous outputs produced by staff and students across all areas of education (dissertations, publications, theses, design projects) are documented and stored, complemented by cultures in which initiatives, events and interviews are recorded. The Library also contains a more alive component presenting new events, activities, and debates in relation to intersectional feminist topics. The SSoA Feminist Library aims to be an online key resource for students and staff, and to contribute to the future agenda of feminist pedagogy and research at the School. 

More than a definitive archive, the SSoA Feminist Library is conceived as an ongoing, collective process made through the contributions of different actors linked to the Sheffield School of Architecture. In this sense, we invite all students, staff and alumni to suggest further material to be added. Please use our contact form.

Due to its collective ethos, the Library may include works that address or have controversial approaches. It is important to highlight that SSoA Feminist Library and Sheffield School of Architecture do not necessarily share or condone the position of works included in the archive. We aim to be inclusive and give platform to the different positionalities and thinking around feminist scholarship. Equally, we strive to avoid hosting material that is deliberately offensive or set out to create controversy by offending specific communities.

The SSoA Online Feminist Library is possible thanks to the support of the Sheffield School of Architecture and the On CampUS Internship programme 2019-20, as well as all the students, staff, academics and professionals that contributed their works, testimonials and oral histories that attest tothe feminist work produced at the School.  

The Feminist Library has been initiated by: Noelia Botana, Carolyn Butterworth, Emma Cheatle, Luis HernĂ¡n, Doina Petrescu, Cith Skelcher. 

Notice and Take Down Policy: procedure in case of complaint

If you consider you hold rights in any material on this website, and wish for it to be removed, you can request the removal, or other modification, by writing to feministssoa@sheffield.ac.uk, putting SSoA Feminist Library in the subject line, and stating

1. your name, email address and phone number

2. the url of the item in question 

3. the nature of the complaint

4. a statement that you are the copyright holder or are authorised to act on behalf of the rights holder.

We aim to make an initial assessment within 5 working days of receipt. If the complaint warrants further investigation the material will be withdrawn from the repository within 10 working days of receiving your notification while we investigate it fully.