The Contradictions of Breastfeeding in Public Space

Title: The Contradictions of Breastfeeding in Public Space: how can space design explore the power and conflict relations during breastfeeding in public places

Author: Juan Wang

Year: 2019

Abstract: Breast-feeding in public space has been a social concern for a long time. The behavior itself not only occupies the physical space, but also interacts with the environment to form the social space form of the body. As a mother and an architect, the author has a contradictory perspective of women and the pursuit of spatial justice. Through multiple analysis from macro to micro, from personal experience to professional values, this paper reveals women’s social situation and environmental appeal.

This paper is divided into five parts. Firstly, it summarizes the occurrence and development of breastfeeding as a public event in The UK from a macro perspective.Secondly, people of different genders and backgrounds were interviewed to collage abstract understandings of interviewees’ views. After that, the author records the practice of breast-feeding in public space. Show me through the process of experience, a mother’s manifesto.The fourth part, from the perspective of space justice, discusses the situation and rights as the other. Finally, the double identity is superimposed to explore the ideal form of space environment.