Articulating the Feminine

Title: Articulating the Feminine. Gendered Space. A study of the patriarchal designs of the catholic church and the fascist state in Rome

Author: Cressy Lopez

Year: 2018

Abstract: The study began as an investigation borne out of the author’s own social conditioning. Embracing an identity within a society polluted exploring what it means to be a feminist catholic woman. Vested in the plethora of convictions and disparities surrounding; faith, the urban realm and the role of women. Architecture is interdisciplinary in its manifestation, with this thesis exploring a branch within its complex network.

Rome’s layered palimpsest provides the perfect backdrop of place, to delve deep into the physical manifestations of dominance. It is a city built to evoke power and clearly show the strength of its ruling classes. Built by the powerful imperial, religious and political dynasties. The main body of work is presented as a journey through history, with physical and theoretical meandering all concocted through the othered lens. Within the analysis there is the prevailing emergence of the city as a body, with set social hierarchies allowing for its effective functioning. Encapsulated in the body are the allegorical interpretations of forms and spatial designs of the Catholic Church and the Fascist State leading to disembodiment.

The study finds flaws of past approaches to architectural expression realising the necessity for a more feminist architectural language. Challenging the way we are taught to perceive and more importantly conceive bodies in spaces.

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