Initiative Anti Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action

Anti Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action is an open letter to Sheffield School of Architecture staff and students written in 2020 by a group of students and alumni of the school. It argues that SSoA has been and remains complicit in the structures that perpetuate systemic racism within architecture. The publication includes first-hand experiences within these structures from Black and Asian students at SSoA. It is a demand for action and concrete change, including an action plan, to ensure the school commits to being actively anti-racist in future academic years.

Systemic racism manifests from the existing hierarchies within our society that maintain white hegemony. These are especially rife within higher education and the architectural profession. Architecture is an innately holistic discipline, tasked with catering to the needs of all peoples and communities around the world. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the individuals who take it upon themselves to contribute to the profession, reflect the diversity of the society that they serve. To achieve this, we are demanding a radical shift in representation, institutional structures and pedagogy; one that accepts the political and social importance of architecture.

Anti Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action