To Manifest

Title: To Manifest

Authors: Emma Cheatle and Catalina Mejía Moreno

In: Harvard Design Magazine, No. 46, “No Sweat”, Dec. 2018, 182-189

Year: 2018

Abstract: ‘To Manifest’ is product of the intersection with a collaborative, Feminist Art and Architecture Collaborative (FAAC), and later published as ‘To Manifest’ (Harvard Design Magazine, No. 46, “No Sweat”, Dec. 2018). The writing took place at Columbia University, in a small top-floor room; eighteen laptops, eighteen pairs of hands, eighteen minds, growing a google document live, online. ‘To Manifest’ calls for care within the university, that great model of the collective.

‘To Manifest’ had previously been performed as part of the UCU_Teachout in December 2019, at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and invited by Jane Rendell and Barbara Penner.  It was also performed as part of the ‘The Feminist School of Architecture Teach Out’, Sheffield in March 2020.