Teach Out The Feminist School of Architecture

Kicking off with a reflection from Doina Petrescu on SSoA’s original Feminist School of Architecture event which took over the tower some 20 years ago, the Feminist School of Architecture Teach Out captured a resurgence of feminist activity within the school. Held prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in early March the Teachout was an adhoc and opportunistic response to the UCU strike and was held out in the city at the Foodhall, a great venue that created a public platform for the event. Conversations were both critical and celebratory, exploring Foundations, Fields and Futures of a Feminist School of Architecture at SSoA and beyond.
We have reconvened since the event to discuss the @femschoolofarch as an activist, pedagogic and structural platform of intersectional care both inside and outside of SSoA. 

Date: 05/03/2020

Place: Foodhall, Sheffield

Organizers: Emma Cheatle, Cith Skelcher, Connie Pidsley, Lucie Iredale, Jasmin Yeo, Emma L Carpenter



Performance of the Faac Manifesto led by Catalina Mejia Moreno and Emma Cheatle https://faacweb.wordpress.com/

Reflections on the Feminist School of Architecture c.2000 – Doina Petrescu

The Pink Paper: a Feminist Manifesto for Architecture Education 20 Years on! Rachel Sara

The Perils of TraditionMatriArch (Rosa Turner Wood and Alice Grant)


Housing Intersectionality and Critical Pedagogy – Victoria Okoye, Emre Akbil and Esra Can


A Techno-Feminist Network – Cathryn Klasto

SSoA Zine – A Reflection – Jasmin Yeo, Lucie Iredale and Connie Pidsley

A Coalition of Feminist Architecture Schools – Catalina Mejia Moreno