Learn to Act for an Engaged Everyday Life

Title: Learn to Act for an Engaged Everyday Life

Author: Doina Petrescu

In: Learn to Act: Introducing The Eco Nomadic School, ed. by Kathrin Böhm, Tom James and Doina Petrescu (AAA/peprav, 2017), pp. 316-319. ISBN 9782953075137

Year: 2017

Abstract: Our neoliberal capitalist times are marked by a crisis of reproduction not only of production, as the very basis on which things and life are produced is now under threat.  Many citizens like us would like to become active with this essential reproductive work, and determine themselves the changes they want to see.

What is this learning that gives us agency to cope, resist and change current conditions? How can we ‘make other worlds possible’ from wherever we are and whatever our position: as practitioners, activists, artists, researchers,
students and ordinary citizens? How do we prepare ourselves for this sustained reproductive work, both at a local and global scale?

At a time when most of us feel and fear a global political and environmental crisis, we argue for the necessity of learning to act.

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