Building Clouds Drifting Walls

Title: Building Clouds Drifting Walls. Year One Design Studio: A Critical Appraisal

Author: Ruth Morrow

Publisher: A Bank of Ideas Publication

Year: 2003

Abstract: This is a booklet about a first year design studio in a school of architecture. It describes and reflects on changes that happened in the course over a three year period starting September 2000. The studio is made up of students from mainstream architecture, and dual courses with landscape and engineering.

The booklet is for those who are thinking of studying architecture. It might also be for those already learning and teaching architecture who want to see how other design studios work. Architects in practise might want to read how a first year course is 20 years on from their own student experiences. Or those involved in pedagogy in general might want to understand how a design studio environment can affect the processes of learning and teaching.

The booklet epitomises one of the resultant characteristics of the revised first year course: the emergence of strong voices in the studio. These voices belong to: recent students who have just completed the course, students who have passed through the year and continued to study, diploma students who have organized workshops, tutors from practise, and tutors involved in architectural research and pedagogy.