Life Matters Making Place

Title: Life Matters Making Place

Author: Doina Petrescu

In: Material Matters: Architecture and Material Practice, ed. by Katie Lloyd Thomas (London: Routledge, 2006), pp 72-85. ISBN: 9780203013625 (ebk.)

Year: 2006

Abstract: This paper, which focuses on the beginnings of the Cité des Femmes project, is written from a materialist position, which tries to bring together questions of matter and politics and to acknowledge that the material of a building refers not only to its physical components but includes also many kinds of matters and processes of negotiation within different economic, sexual, social and political contexts. It also positions itself within a long tradition in feminist theory and practice which tries to restore the links between matter and mater and to reframe the issues of materiality, emergence and generation within a gendered approach to place-making.