Altering Practices: Feminist Politics and Poetics of Space

Title: Altering Practices: Feminist Politics and Poetics of Space

Editor: Doina Petrescu

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2007

Abstract: This collection of essays offers a fresh overview of contemporary feminist practices, with particular emphasis on the politics and poetics of space. With the growing importance of technology and communications, the effects of globalisation and the change in social demands, feminist praxis of space is diversifying and expanding. This book assesses these altering practices alongside the emergence of new social and political theories and within today´s urban and geopolitical contexts. The practices discussed in this book constitute a multitude of gestures, figures and actions: ˈurban curatingˈ, ˈmaking spaceˈ, ˈtaking placeˈ, ˈurban cookingˈ, ˈbuilding while being in itˈ, ˈdrifting wallsˈ, ˈmapping invisible privilegesˈ, ˈconfessional constructionsˈ, ˈstray sodsˈ. Together they form a piece of feminine textuality, a volume which is not divided into thematic sections but takes its shape from a ˈmise en relation entre des voix-femmesˈ in which each contribution negotiates its proximity to the others

The contributions from architects, artists, cultural theorists and activists from different generations and a wide range of practices and fields of research are international in scope and combine to challenge traditional disciplinary and cultural boundaries.