Marginal Spaces

Title: Marginal Spaces: constructing “other[ing]” home

Author: Nishat Awan

Year: 2003

Abstract: The dissertation seeks to address the relationship between ‘architecture’ and ‘race’ and is based in my personal experience as a Pakistani who moved to UK at an early age. Here I address issues concerning ‘diasporas’ and those concerning the ‘coloniser/colonised’ relationship. How is home constructed in a country that is foreign where being British does not automatically lead to a sense of belonging and does not fully describe who you are. Through a feminist exploration that privileges space over place, my aim was to make visible minority belongings, their histories and modes of representation. A separate thread running through the dissertation is the ‘thirdspace’ of my work, it is where I write about space and the city as I see them through my own eyes. Here I will use walking and photography as experience and tool to reveal the hidden identities within a city landscape.

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