Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu, in Learn to Act: Introducing The Eco Nomadic School, ed. by K. Böhm, T. James and D. Petrescu, 2017. Our neoliberal capitalist times are marked by a crisis of reproduction not only of production, as the very basis on which things and life are produced is now under threat. Many citizens like us would like to become active […]

Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu, in Material Matters: Architecture and Material Practice, ed. by K. Lloyd Thomas, 2006. This paper, which focuses on the beginnings of the Cité des Femmes project, is written from a materialist position, which tries to bring together questions of matter and politics and to acknowledge […]

Book Chapter. Rachel Sara, in Writings in Architectural Education, ed. by E. Harder, 2001-2002. There is a gaping hole in the mainstream (malestream? (Weiner, 1994)) discourse about the role of gender, and indeed race, sexuality and disability in the architectural profession […]

Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu, in Relational Architectural Ecologies Architecture, Nature and Subjectivity, ed. by P. Rawes, 2013. The question of the commons is at the heart of current discussions about democracy. In some of their recent texts, Michael Hardt and Antonio NegriNdefine the commons as something which is […]

Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu and Katherine Gibson, in Architecture and Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies, Technologies, ed. by H. Frichot, C. Gabrielsson and H. Runting, 2018. Why it is important to re-embed economy in ecology? What type of urban practice will support this? How could feminist approaches help in promoting a new set of economic-ecological values in urban practice? […]

Book Chapter. Doina Petrescu, in Architecture and Participation, ed. by P. Blundell Jones, D. Petrescu and J. Till , 2005. “…we think any society is defined not so much by its contradictions as by its lines of flight, it flees all over the place, and it’s very interesting to try and follow the lines of flight taking shape at any particular moment.” G. Deleuze, ‘Control and Becoming’

Book Chapter. Carolyn Butterworth and Prue Chiles, in Architecture and Field/Work, ed. by S. Ewing, J. M. McGowan, C. Speed and V. C. Bernie, 2010. In the squeaky-clean world of the architectural journals the new house is described by a particular sort of building study giving a critical view of formal, technical and material approaches […]