Article. Emma Cheatle and Catalina Mejía Moreno, in Harvard Design Magazine, 46, 2018. ‘To Manifest’ is product of the intersection with a collaborative, Feminist Art and Architecture Collaborative (FAAC), and later published as ‘To Manifest’ […]

Article. Catalina Mejía Moreno, in Journal of Architectural Education, 74.2, 2020. As a micro-narrative, this piece stems from the urgency of exposing a wearisome situation in Colombia where violence, displacement […]

Article. Emma Cheatle, in Text Journal, 55, 2019. Through an exposé of my research, ‘The Architecture of Lying-in: From the Dark and Airless Room to the Hospital for Women’, this paper explores creative-critical methods of writing architectural history. Until the 1740s, women […]

Article. Carolyn Butterworth and Sam Vardy, in Field:, 2.1, 2008. This paper explores the role the site survey could play in developing architectural praxis where agency is shared at all stages with participatory diverse users.