Dulcie Foster Finn, MArch Design Project, 2020. It’s the year 2035 in Sheffield and The Wicker Commons has been operating as a place for local governance for 3 years. As a response to the failing centralised political system, the Wicker Community Land Trust pioneered a new way of doing things. They rejected the […]

Holly Madeley, MArch Design Project, 2020. he project takes the form of a community-owned jewellery workshop, in which jewellery can be made out of household recyclables such as plastic and glass bottles. The building is to be located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, and […]

Katherine Dauncey and Clare Timpani, MArch Design Project, 2020. Our Place is a new model of community centre that belongs on every highstreet in the country. This project offers an alternative response to current pressures facing the social care system while also offering a regeneration strategy for the declining highstreet.

Mia Owen, MArch Design Project, 2020. “House of Realness” is a project that explores how the identity of communities could be reflected through architecture and the urban environment. Specifically, the project focuses on the LGBTQ+ community in Sheffield.