Interview Flora Samuel

Flora Samuel is Professor at the University of Reading and was the first female Head of Sheffield University School of Architecture. The author of Why Architects Matter (2018), she has been awarded […]

Interview Sarah Wigglesworth

Sarah Wigglesworth is an architect with over 30 years experience in practice. She is acknowledged as a pioneering influence in British architecture. She has extensive expertise in green and sustainable design. Her work is characterised by careful theorising of […]

Pritika Akhil Kumar, MArch Dissertation, 2017. India is a country in transition. As the Indian population catches up with the developed world, its needs have begun to go beyond the bare necessities of “roti, kapda, makaan” (food, clothing, housing). In this scenario, there is a strong need for an environment that encourages free conversation and active citizenship.

MatriArch is a feminist collective which facilitates discussions on architectural education and practice, campaigning for a better and more accessible learning and professional environment. Set up while we were students at Sheffield School of Architecture, now, as we have moved from university into practice, we are at a point where we can reflect on the journey so far.

Laura Jamieson, MArch Dissertation, 2020. As one of the few remaining gender-segregated spaces the public toilet represents a site of conflict in which gender expression is policed. In this essay, the author examines the potential conflicts and alliances between gendered bodies in public toilets within The United Kingdom.

Dulcie Foster Finn, MArch Design Project, 2020. It’s the year 2035 in Sheffield and The Wicker Commons has been operating as a place for local governance for 3 years. As a response to the failing centralised political system, the Wicker Community Land Trust pioneered a new way of doing things. They rejected the […]