Deconstructing Gender

Title: Deconstructing Gender Can choices in building method address gender inequality in the construction sector?

Author: Rosa Turner Wood

Year: 2019

Abstract: The construction sector is characterised by low female employment whilst the sector simultaneously contends with a depleted workforce. This dissertation evaluates off-site manufacturing, self-build homes, and robotics as methods of construction that can be utilised as a means to address gender inequality within the construction industry and tackle the consequences of a declining workforce.  

The study begins by acknowledging a culture of systemic misogyny and inflexible working practices create gender inequity in the building sector. By reviewing existing literature on off-site manufacturing, self-build homes, and robotics, as well conducting original interviews, the paper examines the potential of these building practices to increase the female workforce. The dissertation concludes that while all three systems can be harnessed to tackle underrepresentation of women in the sector, off-site manufacturing is the method with an immediate capacity to expand its female employment.

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